Blog: I’m not meant for the masses – and that’s the point💡

This blog was originally published in January, 2021…(also, note the lack of snow!)

This is one of my thinking spots. I like to go up here with earphones. Sometimes I stay for a bit, sometimes I walk, but today I was listening to something & now I want to write about it 🙂

Some stories get lots of feedback, and some really don’t. Lately, I’ve had a lot of it. You all know what keeps coming up: Development. Remember that story I did last fall? (Peachland’s ‘no-growth’ scenario is now reality) After my most recent one, it’s really obvious what needs to be written about. I’m on it. As a Peachlander, I want to know more too. It’s also the whole point of my business: Citizen-based (not government-based, not ad-based) journalism. I write local news FOR my subscribers.

Not everyone thinks this is a service, and not everyone is interested in paying me to write local news. I’m offering kind of a niche product and I don’t want to be like the other guys: I don’t publish stories on the daily. You’re not going to see provincial COVID numbers and car accidents. Writing straight from press releases is something I learned not to do a long time ago.

What I do takes time. I’m a careful researcher, I transcribe all my own interviews (old school!) and honestly, writing sometimes takes awhile with all the other biz-related stuff. It’s just me, my car and my MacBook. I think the best way to run this business is to be real about what I do and to serve that small group of people who believe in what I’m doing. And I’m super, super thankful for those people!

Here’s a bit from that podcast I was listening to:

“We’re not here to serve everybody. We’re here to serve a small group of people who become (invested) in what we have to say – and that’s it. We can’t serve everybody because if we try and serve everybody, we make something that’s boring. We say something that’s boring. And we make stuff that no one is excited to talk about.”

-Cathy Heller, Don’t Keep your Day Job (which is an excellent podcast, by the way)

If you’re interested in what I’m doing, signing up is free for the first month. And then it’s $6 / month after that. If you’re not into credit care signups, no problem! Shoot me a message – I do cash and etransfer, too.

OK, back to it! Thanks again – and thanks for reading,


Written by Kristen Friesen

January 14, 2021

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