An anonymous $10K donation to Peachland’s fire department

Some good news from Fire Chief Dennis Craig. An anonymous donor is giving the Peachland Fire and Rescue Service $10,000. The money will go towards training equipment.

“Even though the donor does wish to remain anonymous, we have been in discussions with the donor’s family and they’re in agreement for the donation to be used towards training equipment, which is what we’d like to put the donation towards,” Craig told councillors Tuesday night. He had to bring this to council for approval because it’s District policy for donations over $5,000.

Councillor Mike Kent thanked the family.

“One of our most valued services is our fire service so just wanted to express that,” he said.

“It’s a great boost and thank you so much,” added Mayor Cindy Fortin.


Only one local news outlet really covers Peachland – Here’s what The Phoenix is all about!



Written by Kristen Friesen

November 23, 2021

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