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More Christmas markets in Peachland + other 🎄 events:

This weekend: The Peachland Chamber is hosting a...

Peachland Chamber of Commerce

Get your shopping done at the Peachland Chamber!...

Peachland Community Arts Council:

A Case for the Winemaker will be filming at the...

What’s the plan for our parks this year?

A playground and (maybe) more pickleball courts,...

Who is on the Downtown Task Force?

It’s one of the most important task forces we’ll...

Burning question: What’s our proposed municipal tax increase so far?

Yep, it’s going up from the 5.12% we experienced...

They cleaned up! A Letter to the Editor from Peachland Elementary:

Super Students Clean Our Community - By Grade...

3,2,1…Light Up!!

Fireworks, a big bonfire, a bit of...
Lakeside AutoCare

Lakeside AutoCare

Lakeside AutoCare: Reliable, honest repairs & maintenance - and...

Beyond Ink

Beyond Ink

More than your typical computer store - we are way Beyond Ink! Beyond Ink...

More about The Phoenix:

Why I started The Peachland Phoenix:

Why I started The Peachland Phoenix:

March, 2020: Many sleepless nights! I wasn’t certain my idea would work, but at that point, it was more than an idea - I was about to launch a local news website. And...

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Here’s what the Food Bank needs right now:

Think “spicy or bubbly” when donating to the Peachland Food Bank this season - or consider contributing cash. That’s the message from Judy Bedford, the lady behind the food bank. She was in council...

Another TV movie is being filmed in Peachland

It’s a whodunnit - with wine, of course. Peachland and Fitzpatrick Winery will set the scene for a TV movie pilot being filmed over the next little while. You may have seen the circus in town -...

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