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“I just wanted Peachland to be successful”: Why a Peachlander – with no food experience – decided to run a restaurant

The year was 1987 and Peachland was kind of dead, says lifelong resident Richard Smith - but he was hoping to get his home town going again. “Brenda Mines was slowing right down, and the town really wanted to get more visitors coming in,”...

What was the most exciting part of Tuesday night’s meeting?

I was all settled with my laptop in my basement lair (fireplace, coffee, cozy pants), when I realized the livestream from the District’s website wasn’t working - and I couldn't get ahold of anyone. Then, I clued in that the meeting was...

Dining in a winter wonderland: Some Beach Ave restaurants say they’d like to keep their patios open for snow season

Enjoying dinner and drinks on a Beach Ave restaurant patio could happen this winter - District staff are looking into it, after a councillor said both Cibo and Vines and the Edgewater want to offer the year-round option. Every summer,...


  If I'm up early and it looks like a good sunrise, sometimes I hop in the car and head downhill for a better view. Sometimes, like today, the colours change by the time I get there and "the shot" isn't the amazingness I envisioned....

Hainles hosts a Thank You for our firefighters..

  Members of Peachland's fire and rescue service were the guests of honour at Hainle, Saturday Oct. 2. Winery owner Bella Huang and her team decided to host a firefighter appreciation event, with live music. Good on them for making the effort - and it goes...

Community Groups

Peachland Chamber of Commerce

Peachland Chamber of Commerce

Small Business Week is October 17-23, and the Peachland Chamber will be visiting some local entrepreneurs, to see how they're doing. They'll be asking about employee...

50+ Activity Centre

50+ Activity Centre

A couple things coming up at the Peachland 50+ Centre! An "Everything Pumpkin" tea will be held Sunday, October 17. Cost is $10 a person and there will be plenty of...

Peachland Rotary

Peachland Rotary

Here's the latest news from the Rotary: It's that pumpkin time of year - and Peachland Rotarians will have a bunch of them Saturday, October 23 because their annual...

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A walk along Beach with the BELO..

Building permit scofflaws and our emerging AirBnB scene are Peachland’s biggest bylaw challenges right now, says Travis Nixon. We went for a walk along Beach Ave yesterday, something I’ve been...

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